The package ordered online is also turned over by robots before it reaches us

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 07. 11. 12:01

What happens when we press the order button in a webshop? Who and how processes our request and how does our package get to our door so quickly? Euronics’ head of logistics now reveals what goes on behind the scenes – and how our next delivery can be free.

Browse, select, order – just a few clicks, and soon a courier will appear at your door with the product you have selected online. The turnover of domestic web commerce is increasing year by year – in 2022, for example, it increased by 8 percent to 1.378 billion compared to 2021, based on the annual survey of Reacty Digital. Last year, we placed a total of 79 million orders online, but few people think about the complex logistics machinery behind the fast service.

When we order a product in a webshop, the warehouse worker receives a notification at specified intervals, on the basis of which he searches for the goods and prepares the order. This process may vary depending on the type and size of the product and require different tools. At Euronics, the small products are in an automatic warehouse, where a robot takes the cabinet to the picking station, and the warehouse worker takes the product from it. After that, they print an address label, wrap the product and hand it over to the courier at the specified time every day, who takes it to the customer.

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