An unusual exhibition opened in Vienna on the future of tourism

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 04. 08. 10:36

The new exhibition entitled “Über Tourismus”, open until September at the Vienna Architecture Center (Architekturzentrum Wien), deals with the future of tourism and the world of new tourism. The comprehensive exhibition covers a number of important issues related to the transformation and sustainability of tourism.

Among the primary questions is how our desires to travel affect the built environment, the structure of our society and climate change. The exhibition looks for answers to challenges such as how to rethink and guide tourism to a more sustainable path at the time of the climate crisis, the threat of wars, pandemics, a shortage of professionals and a permanent energy shortage.

The role of design and architecture is also a central theme in the exhibition. They are investigating how to better ensure social, economic and ecological harmony in the field of tourism with conscious, data-driven planning.

The exhibition not only focuses on these questions, but also sheds light on the central driving force of tourism. It examines the connections between mobility and urban tourism, and also deals with interactions related to agriculture and climate change.

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