Business Meetup & Business Dinner
25. may 25.

Date: 2023. 05. 25. 15:00

An FMCG market exclusive for corporate decision-makers!

Trade programme in the afternoon, followed by a business dinner


25 May 2023, 13,00-21,00

The Aquincum Hotel Budapest, 1036 Budapest, Árpád fejedelem útja 94.

Trade magazine organises its Business Dinner in 2023 too, but this time the event is going to be bigger, with an added HALF-DAY EXCLUSIVE BUSINESS MEETUP for the corporate decision-makers of the FMCG sector!

There will be three one-hour exclusive presentations in the afternoon trade programme, with simultaneous interpreting from English into Hungarian and vice versa. This will be followed by a roundtable discussion, with the participation of another two invited guests.


Nenad Pacek, founder and president of Global Success Advisors and the EMEA Business Group Global Success Advisors, Austria

Nenad is one of world’s leading authorities on global economy, emerging markets and corporate strategies for faster international growth. He regularly interacts with global and regional managers of large corporations, performing hundreds of client sessions every year around the world or over video links. He is well known in corporate circles for his “no written notes” and “no slides” presentations and consultations. Nenad, via his holding company Global Success Advisors, acts as a trusted advisor to global executive teams of major multinationals helping them understand and predict future developments

He is the author of four books, most recently “The Future of Business in Emerging Markets” and “Global Economy”. He is the lead author of two book editions of “Emerging Markets: Lessons for Business Success and Outlooks for Different Markets.”

Lenneke Schils, global FMCG insights director of GfK, The Netherlands

Lenneke is responsible for providing clients foresight on market developments in the FMCG industry and is driving GfK’s insights campaign on consumer behaviour change. She has been with GfK for over 10 years, in a range of client-responsible consulting roles in the Consumer Panel division.

Previously, Lenneke worked for several years as a university lecturer in international business and politics in Mexico. Lenneke has a cum laude master’s degree in European Studies from Maastricht University.

Dr Mária Törőcsik, economist, professor at the Department of Marketing and Tourism of the PTE

Mária teaches marketing, shopper and consumer behaviour, and self-marketing. Her fields of research are consumer and non-consumption behaviour, trend research, and the latest issues in marketing. She is the author of several publications about these topics. In the past few years she wrote several books, for instance the prestigious Akadémiai Kiadó published her volume “Fogyasztói magatartás – Mintázatok, trendek, alkalmazkodás, valamint a Self-marketing – személy és marketing kapcsolatok” (Consumer behaviour – Patterns, trends, adaptation. Self-marketing – personal and marketing relationships).

Besides working as a university professor, she also does marketing consultancy and marketing research. Trend research is also one of her topics of interest, analysing those new characteristics of our lives that can play a role in decision-making, and knowing them is a prerequisite of market success. She regularly shares her thoughts and ideas with conference audiences.

Participants of the round table

Dr Tibor Navracsics, Minister for Regional Development

Dr Tibor Navracsics was appointed Minister for Regional Development in 2022. He had already filled very important positions before that, for instance he was chairman of the Board of Trustees at Pannon University, head of the institute for European Strategy Research at the National University of Public Service, government commissioner for several important projects, and associate professor at the Faculty of Law of Eötvös Lóránd University (ELTE).

Since December 2019 he has been responsible for the Veszprém-Balaton 2023 European Capital of Culture programme, and on September 2020 he was named government commissioner for the complex development of the Northwest Hungary Economic Development Zone. In addition to these tasks, Google asked him to become its Central and Eastern Europe mentor in the company’s Impact Challenge programme, and since the autumn of 2020 ha has been the European Citizens’ Initiatives Ambassador of the European Commission. He is the author of several publications, in topics ranging from Europe’s internal affairs, Hungary’s regional development concept, and political communication.

Dr Beáta Olga Felkai, deputy state secretary responsible for food chain supervision at the Ministry of Agriculture

Dr Beáta Felkai was the head of the food industry and food quality policy department of the Ministry of Agriculture from 2018, before being appointed deputy state secretary in September 2022. Right now she isn’t only responsible for supervising the food industry anymore, but also for overseeing food trade.
Earlier she worked as senior lecturer at the Faculty of Technology and Agriculture of the Department of Economics of the College of Szolnok, before moving on to teach the younger generations as associate professor at the Department of Finance and Accounting of Károly Róbert College. For many years she worked as senior researcher at the Research Institute of Agricultural Economics. She is the co-author many several publications, with topics including the food industry, food production and food trade.

When she was named deputy state secretary, she told Trade magazin that her long-term plans are increasing the efficiency of Hungary’s food industry and trade, with great emphasis on digitalisation and innovative development, for which the government has earmarked the necessary financial resources.


13,00-13,30 Arrival, networking

13,30-13,45 Welcome speech

13,45-14,45 Global economic outlook and its impact on the markets of Central and Eastern Europe.

Nenad Pacek, founder and president of Global Success Advisors and the EMEA Business Group Global Success Advisors, Austria

What will he talk about?

In his exclusive presentation, Nenad Pacek will talk about the future impact of geopolitics on business across the markets of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), the outlook for CEE markets and Hungary in 2023-2024, and managing corporate expectations about the CEE region. He will analyse the key challenges facing CEE regional directors and how they plan to cope with them in 2023-2024. Participants will learn about the expected trends of global and regional inflation, and their impact on the future cost of capital, plus the speaker will also present the outlook for commodity prices and supply chains. Nenad will answer the question whether 2024 will finally be an almost normal year for business.

14,45-15,10 Break

15,10-16,10 Pushing past the Permacrisis: a European perspective.

Lenneke Schils, global FMCG insights director of GfK, The Netherlands

What will she talk about?

Shoppers have been coping with soaring prices by cutting their budgets and trading down.

As the cost of living crisis continues, many of these behaviors have formed into new habits.

In 2023 brands need to prove their worth more than ever. Lenneke explores what makes shoppers across Europe tick and ultimately willing to shift their choices. In her exclusive presentation, she is going to share the company’s latest research results for each topic.

16,10-16,30 Break

16,30-17,30 Consumer thinking in a frosty environment – can we and do we want to consume?

Dr Mária Törőcsik, economist, professor at the Department of Marketing and Tourism of the University of Pécs

What will she talk about?

In her exclusive presentation, Mária will introduce today’s consumer environment and how consumers are adapting to this. She will answer the following questions: Will we return to the decision-making patterns of the crisis consumer and if yes, what will be the result of this? What are the latest megatrends and how do they influence decisions? What can we do about the growing non-consumption trend – should we be happy about it or not? Are non-consumers the consumers of the future? What are non-consumers actually consuming? What do we know about the currently forming consumer groups?

17,30-18,00 Break

18,00-20,00 Business Dinner roundtable discussion: Which way are we going in mid-2023?

Moderator: Szilvia Krizsó

Roundtable discussion participants:

Dr Tibor Navracsics, Minister for Regional Development
Dr Beáta Olga Felkai, deputy state secretary responsible for food chain supervision at the Ministry of Agriculture

20,00-21,00 Standing reception, buffet dinner

More information:

Registration deadline: 19 May 2023

Members of the Lánchíd Club will also take part in the dinner:

László Hovánszky elnök; Sándor Baja (Randstad); Ildikó Balázs (Auchan); Tibor Balogh (OMV); László Benedek (Agroloop); László Békefi (Coca-Cola); Péter Boros dr (Power of Dreams); Gábor Csirszka dr (Estraco); Tamás Csongovai (CBA Vörösvár); Endre Fazekas; Zoltán Fekete (Márkaszövetség); Béla Fischer; László Flórián (Rossmann); György Földesi (Binzagr); Zoltán Házi; Gabriella Heiszler (SPAR); Zsuzsanna Hermann (Trade Magazin); István Justin (Fonyódi Ásványvíz); Ferenc Kedves (Partner in Petfood); Katalin Korin (Zwack Unicum); Ákos Kozák (lmpetus Research); András Köves dr (NT); Szilvia KrizsóIstván Matus; János Mezei (Co-op Star); László Murányi; Sándor Nagy; Ottó Németh (Herbow); Péter Noszek (Nestlé); Zoltán Poór (Puratos); József Rácz (Prémium Kert); Kornél; Saltzer; Attila Sófalvi (Mars); György Sóskuti (Bonafarm); Gergő Soltész (Ostotos Családi Pincészet); Bernadett Strasser-Kátai (Real Nature); Judit Szalókyné Tóth (The Coca-Cola Company); Péter Szautner (FrieslandCampina); Tibor Székács (Avokado); József Tarsoly (Wienerberger) Imre Tímár dr (Tanner Trade); Zoltán Tóth (Mindz); Zsolt Vuleta (Borsodi Sörgyár); Bálint Zsinkó  

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