Trappist used to be the most affordable cheese, but that’s over

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 03. 17. 11:40

Once upon a time, Trappist was the cheese that everyone could afford, but today mozzarella, Emmental or Gouda are no more expensive – does it even make sense to lower the price of Trappist at all? Telex covered the Hungarian Trappist phenomenon.

The real Trappist is a classic of semi-hard cheeses, originally made from high-fat, unpasteurized, raw milk, with a long, two-month aging process. In principle, the Hungarian Food Code determines what can be sold in stores under the name Trappist. They describe what raw materials can be used for the preparation in addition to cow’s milk: lactic acid bacteria culture, vaccine enzyme and calcium chloride, potassium or sodium nitrate. In addition, they also say that it has uniform, pea-sized holes and is pale yellow in color – reports Telex.

According to the Dairy Council’s announcement last year, this description will be clarified in the near future, as “the quality demands of the population are increasing”, so the shape and composition of the product will also be specified, and a system of sensory requirements will also be formed. We have not tested all available Trappist brands, but no matter how many we tried, we did not see holes in any of them, their color was always almost snow white, and their smell and taste were barely noticeable.

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