By: trademagazin Date: 2007. 06. 27. 08:00

It is not an easy task to organise a press conference or a partner meeting and it is even harder to make it somewhat different from others. First, the ideal location should be found, which is easily accessible and has the right atmosphere. This is not always the HQ of the company. Most frequently, rooms in trendy hotels, restaurants or confectioneries are used. – Good locations are spacious, but not excessively and elegant or unique at the same time – says Ágnes Csiby, managing director of Promo Power Kft. Theoretically, Kogart Ház meets all requirements, as – being a museum – it is elegant and unique. According to Mercedes Miklós, what makes it truly unique is that it is a private museum, where exclusive events can be held among paintings, even during the day. Locations provide various levels of service. Also theoretically, it is not the services which attract guests to an event, but the program. Press conferences and partner meetings are often “packaged” as conferences. Celebrity guests or hosts can make events attractive. Lucia Pártai hosting a press event related to a mineral water was a good idea, but two beauty queens unveiling a 1,5 litre plastic bottle was not equally appropriate… Some program should inevitably be offered for gala dinners and other evening events. Live music, like popular jazz or classical music is frequently used at elegant events. – We have demo CD-s from over a hundred bands to choose from – says Mercedes Miklós. Usually, gifts also contribute to making events attractive. It is not easy to come up with something that is original, but not useless at the same time. – The most popular gifts are leather portfolios and writing pads, pens and objects made from wood – says Lilla Pásztor, marketing tools consultant from 3Lgift. Gifts can be made unique by inscriptions, if we have the name of the guests attending the event in advance. It is also useful if the gift is related to the activity of the company. There are however, objects which are always practical and useful and can even accommodate our press material, like pen drives.

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