Bottled responsibility

By: trademagazin Date: 2008. 06. 27. 08:00

Corporate social responsibility serves as the basis for not only long term planning and corporate strategy but it is also a criteria for the evaluation of management performance in Coca-Cola Magyarország. – Our CSR programs focus on the workplace, on responsible market behaviour, on communities and on the protection of the environment. Priorities are always determined locally. For example, ecology and health are the priorities in Hungary – say Éda Pogány, communications director of Coca-Cola Magyarország. Their health program was launched last year, which includes sports events where diet experts and fitness trainers provide advice for employees and their families. Advice is also available in internal newsletters. There is also a vegetarian and fitness menu offered in the company buffet. In recognition of their efforts, Coca-Cola Magyarország was awarded the first prize in the Healthy Workplace Competition organised by the American Chamber of Commerce. Coca-Cola also sponsors public sports and recreational events, like the cross-Balaton swimming competition. Over 750 000 people participated last year in events sponsored by the Coca-Cola Testébresztő program. – We clearly distinguish the sponsoring of events like the Futball European Cup, which are marketing activities, from sponsoring recreational activities which is part of our CSR program. Coca-Cola has voluntarily refrained from targeting children under 12 years with their advertisements. They have also been among the first to introduce RDA labelling on their products. CSR is also practised in regard of the protection of the environment. Coca-Cola Magyarország has built an environment friendly power station at the cost of HUF 2,3 billion, which allows the consumption of natural gas to be reduced by 40 per cent. Recycled PET flakes are used for making 30 per cent of plastic bottles. In 2006, Coca-Cola Magyarország donated EUR 100 000 for the projects aimed at protecting the quality of water in Duna-Dráva National Park.

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