The program of next year’s consumer protection inspections is public: we show who can expect to be inspected

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 11. 28. 13:29

In 2024, companies can expect comprehensive consumer protection target checks in many areas as well – warns EY. Next year, the measures introduced this year in order to break inflation will definitely be examined, as well as the operation of utility providers, the distributors of toys, washing and cleaning products, and cosmetics.

The Ministry of Justice has published its consumer protection control program planned for 2024. From the 29-point inspection list announced for 2024, it can be seen that webshops, guarantees and warranties, construction products and specific foods will remain in focus. Auto shops, shops selling gardening machines, lacquers and paints, and hot peppers were included in the planned inspections. Next year, the consumer protection authorities will also investigate, for example, dangerous products, online trade, but also toys and universal battery chargers.

“The year 2023 brought several new consumer protection rules and numerous amendments, which the affected businesses must apply next year. Failure to comply in 2024, due to the reform of the fines system, may also result in much higher penalties than the defaulting companies experienced this year. Only well-prepared companies will be able to meet the traditionally strict requirements of domestic consumer protection authorities. Digital consumer protection, the protection of children and families, as well as product safety, remain among the priorities”

– emphasized Dr. Andrea Magdolna Nagy, the leading lawyer of the consumer protection practice of Vámosi-Nagy Ernst & Young Law Firm.

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