Crop production: There is no future without the use of new technologies

By: STA Date: 2023. 03. 16. 09:30

In plant cultivation, the farmers, taking advantage of the support opportunities, began to invest heavily in machinery. As part of the call for tenders for the purchase of precision machinery, farmers submitted requests for 212.39 billion forints in support, announced Sándor Farkas, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Agriculture, at the professional conference on the Peach Blossom Day and Pruning Show in Szatymaz.

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As a result of the supporting decisions made so far, 2,683 producers have received HUF 196.78 billion in support, during which it was possible to purchase and put into production approximately 2,200 tractors, 3,500 agricultural machines, 230 self-propelled sprayers, and 700 combines – reminded the deputy minister .

The deputy minister highlighted that, despite last year’s difficult year, the total output value of agriculture in 2022 was close to HUF 4,000 billion

This is 15% more than a year earlier, to which the 42% increase in prices contributed. Hungary’s agricultural exports exceeded 13 billion euros in 2022, i.e. more than doubled in 10 years. Our goal is to reach 15 billion euros by 2030. Sándor Farkas mentioned the labor shortage in agriculture as well, and emphasized that in order to counterbalance this, technological modernization, automation and increased competitiveness are necessary, since the number of employed people is expected to be even lower in the future, but the demand for well-educated, modern, for employees familiar with digital technology and production solutions.

The historic drought that hit Europe caused very serious damage in Hungary, primarily in the Great Plains region

Years ago, the Government decided to increase the amount of irrigated agricultural land. As a result of this, the Law on Irrigation Farming was created, the official procedures enabling irrigation became easier and simpler, and this was accompanied by a support policy that encourages the increase of irrigable areas. Sándor Farkas singled out the call for tenders entitled “Development of the agricultural water management sector” among the currently open calls for applications, the submission deadline for which has been extended, so it is possible to submit support requests until June 30, 2023.

The first sign of spring is the peach blossom in Szatymaz, on this occasion the Southern Great Plain Peach Growers Association and Szatymaz Municipality have held a professional day for the past 29 years. This year’s program of the conference included the topic of regenerative tillage. During the afternoon, pruning and technical demonstrations were also organized, where the farmers could learn about the frost protection air mixing machine and the drone spraying technique.


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