Grocery retail on a growth path

By: trademagazin Date: 2015. 08. 12. 09:13

Value sales soared 4.9 percent and volume sales improved by 3 percent in Q1 2015 if compared with the performance of Q1 2014. Both indicators are above the European average. In terms of value the Hungarian index is the second highest after Turkey’s outstanding plus 20.1 percent, while in volume we are ranked third behind Turkey and Norway – informs the quarterly Nielsen Growth Reporter. Client service director Mónika Barta told our magazine that in addition to product quality, the quality of service has become one of the most important store choice factors. Compared with Q1 2014 69 percent of households changed their spending habits in order to save money. If we take a look at the European average, we can see that in Q1 2015 value sales rose 4.2 percent and volume sales grew 2.4 percent. In Europe the average price increased by 1.8 percent and in Hungary it elevated by 1.9 percent, from one quarter to another. In our region value sales bettered by 2-3 percent in Austria, the Czech Republic and Poland; volume sales augmented by 1-2 percent.

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