Private label sales grew in the first six months

By: trademagazin Date: 2012. 11. 09. 01:15

Food retailers’ revenue from private label products increased in the first half of the year if compared with the first six months of the previous year – reveals Nielsen’s latest analysis. Stores’ turnover from private label food products was HUF 165 billion in January-June 2012, while PL household chemicals and cosmetics were sold in the value of HUF 26 billion. From every 100 forint 25 was spent on private label food products, 1 forint more than last year. From volume sales PL products’ share was a stable 34 percent. As for household chemicals and cosmetics, every 18th forint was spent on private label products, 1 forint more than in the base period; these products’ volume share climbed from 32 to 36 percent. Discount stores are the key drivers of the conquest of PL products: from their food sales 62 percent were PL products. In hypermarkets private label food products’ share from sales grew from 13 to 14 percent. PL products share from sales fell 1 percentage point in both supermarkets and Hungarian-owned chains, to 23 and 16 percent, respectively.

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