The latest short film of the Hungarian Brewers’ Association focuses on women

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2019. 10. 10. 11:34

The newest short film of the Hungarian Brewers’ Association debuted today and focuses on female consumers. The film is another element of the Alliance’s extensive, ongoing communication that began one year ago to grab the increased attention to premium beers.

Dr. Kántor Sándor, Director of the Hungarian Brewers’ Association

The protagonists of the new short film are Tokár Tamás presenter and his wife Kovács (Chloé) Dorottya youtuber. The short film focuses on the relationship between women and beer consumption. The film revisits the facts and myths about beer, which Tomi quoted in the first film at the end of last year with the brewing masters of the biggest breweries. It was said that beer does not fatten, its calorie content is not higher than any of other beverages, and that its ingredients help us in beauty care. Tomi and Dorottya also discuss the characteristics of premium beers in their conversation with the brewing masters.

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