Nielsen-evening about consumers and chains

By: trademagazin Date: 2007. 06. 27. 08:00

External influences participate in making competition harsher. According to Judit Tóth Szalókyné, director of Nielsen, analysis of consumer expectations is playing an increasingly important role in gaining an edge in competition.. Sales of products in the biggest categories showed expansion last year, compared to the preceding year. Expansion of private labels generally exceeded the average rate of the category. Market leading brands however, managed to maintain, or even enhance their market shares. The international survey called Nielsen ShopperTrends provides background info regarding shopping and consumption habits. Choosing a store is not primarily dependent on price. Though most consumers say favourable prices and a good price/value ratio is the primary consideration for them, finding everything they need in a single store is even more important in practice. The second most important criteria is a wide assortment, while the third is a wide assortment of fresh products. Jean-Jacques Vandenheede, vice president of Nielsen responsible for European Trade Relations delivered a lecture this year again. He emphasised that it is no longer channels, but chains which compete for consumers. If only price mattered, the old, multi-channel food retail model would disappear. There are however, many other ways for a chain to position itself. According to him, the most important thing is the ability of a chain to fulfil consumer expectations in terms of price and assortment. In Hungary, the number of over 400 square meter stores is very low by international comparison. This means there is a lot of potential for growth. He compared FMCG companies to a surfer, who can either complain about the wind blowing in the wrong direction if he is a pessimist, or wait for the wind to turn, if he is an optimist, or to sail with the wind if he is a realist.

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