The choice is not easy – advice before buying and installing fruit propagating material

By: STA Date: 2023. 11. 24. 10:30

The right propagating materials are indispensable in the creation of plots dotted with aesthetic ornamental plants, as well as home and hobby gardens that provide families with healthy fruit and even profit. The quality and reliability of planting materials in the small garden sector is just as important as in the case of professional plantings.

(Photo: Pixabay)

Nébih pays special attention to the issue of propagating materials, which is why its specialists have now – as a kind of summary of previously published information – collected information about the characteristics and risks of each sales point, as well as the most useful information necessary for choosing the appropriate propagating material, which are recommended to the attention of both buyers and distributors.

The retail offer of product types and varieties (for grafted fruit trees, rootstock-noble variety combinations) is extremely diverse, as are the places and methods of sale

In the course of retail sales, there are shortcomings and violations of the professional rules for the product range, against which the authority tries to act continuously: most recently, the authority conducted an on-site inspection at the National Animal and Exhibition Fair in Ónod. Several aspects should be taken into account when buying a fruit tree, either for planting a plantation or for a home garden.


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