Scientific results are indispensable for successful agriculture

By: STA Date: 2023. 03. 06. 10:30

The advantage of our country’s GMO-free status must be used even more effectively than before – said Minister of Agriculture István Nagy at the 150th meeting of the Genetic Technology Procedures Review Committee.

(Photo: Pixabay)

The head of the ministry emphasized that we must fully ensure the safety of gene technology research conducted in our country in the current environment. He added that the Russian-Ukrainian war and last year’s drought on a historic scale further exacerbated the situation due to the continuously rising prices of raw materials, fertilizers, plant protection products and energy sources, as well as the labor shortage. That is why technological development, including the use of digital precision tools, as well as the importance of innovation and knowledge transfer, he stated. He also spoke about the need to rely more and more on scientific results in the midst of the growing challenges facing agriculture.

The minister reminded that Hungary has been pursuing a GMO-free agricultural policy for decades, which is also enshrined in the Basic Law

According to his conviction, the path to the success of domestic agriculture is not through the cultivation of GMOs, and this has been confirmed by the agricultural policy free of genetic manipulation. He emphasized that our country’s GMO-free agricultural strategy does not mean that gene technology research, experiments, and impact assessments cannot be carried out in Hungary. There are countless types of research in Hungary that are approved by the genetic technology authority. In this process, the Ministry’s work is assisted by the Committee for the Review of Genetic Engineering Procedures, which consists of 19 members. The board’s professional opinion has greatly contributed and continues to contribute to the fact that gene technology activities in our country do not pose a risk to the environment and health.


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