NAV: road toll cameras serves EKÁER well

By: trademagazin Date: 2015. 07. 16. 11:40

With using road toll cameras in EKÁER (Electronic trade and transport Control System) it is now possible to detect if trucks which – based on transport documents – should carry goods in transit would unload their cargo in Hungary – underlined NAV spokesman for Customs and Excise on M1 television channel on Thursday.


As for an example Attila Suller highlighted that with the aid of road toll cams they recently managed to prevent an illegal consignment of clothes to be sold in Hungary, and last time the EKAER working group or NAV spotted a Spanish vegetable-, and fruit consignment at the wholesale market that should have been transported to Romania.

Suller added that the automatised system also serves a risk analysis – all traders and trucks which have ever been trying to trick with their cargo in the past will be marked by giving them „black-dots” (penalties). (MTI)

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