NAK-FruitVeB: there is also plenty of Hungarian horseradish for export

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 03. 27. 11:54

In addition to the domestic market, there is plenty of high-quality Hungarian horseradish for export. With approximately 1,228 hectares of cultivated land, our country is the largest producer of horseradish in the European Union – stated the overview published on Wednesday by the National Chamber of Agriculture (NAK) and the Hungarian Vegetable and Fruit Association (FruitVeB).

In addition to its well-known grated version, which is in great demand during the Easter period, horseradish is also used as a flavoring for pickled and vinegared preserved products, such as cucumbers, cabbage, beetroot, mixed cuts, peppers, and slaw.

The harvesting works last from October until the beginning of the next planting season, i.e. until March. In recent years, 10-12 thousand tons of horseradish were harvested annually, in 2023 the amount harvested was 11.5 thousand tons. This makes our country the largest producer of horseradish in the European Union. Thanks to the phased harvesting and storage technology, the Hungarian harvest is sufficient to serve not only the domestic market, but also more than half of the European market until the new horseradish is harvested. We export 80-90 percent of the horseradish produced in our country, in 2022 the export was 9 thousand tons. Exports are primarily directed to Germany, Poland, the United Kingdom and the Czech Republic, typically in fresh, juiced form – stated the overview of NAK and FruitVeB.

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