István Nagy: production and sales processes must be reevaluated

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 11. 29. 11:25

The effects of the Russian-Ukrainian war will be with us next year as well, which requires adaptation, reevaluation of production and sales processes, and quality progress, the agricultural administration wants to help with these, said the Minister of Agriculture on Wednesday in Siófok.

At the Portfolio Agricultural Sector Conference, István Nagy also spoke about the completion of next year’s tender schedule for agricultural and rural development subsidies, the express purpose of which will be to promote planning and predictability. The first tenders are expected to be announced from the beginning of 2024 in the field of forest management, and then new tenders will be gradually opened in 64 legal titles. From 2026, all tenders will be announced again in the previous form – he emphasized. Therefore, everyone can apply in two phases in this cycle, which, among other things, provides an opportunity to optimize one’s own resources – he explained.

Regarding this year’s schedule, he explained that the first tender package for agricultural and food industry investments is expected in the spring, which also affects investments in the feed industry, horticulture and animal husbandry. It is planned to start the subsidies for land use change in the spring, for which it will be possible to apply for a multi-year maintenance subsidy later, he added. The call to help the generation change can be prepared by the summer, then the rural development tenders and the announcement of a new tender package are expected in the fall, which support precision farming or the technological renewal of crop cleaning and drying – he said.

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