MTÜ: the commercial promoting Budapest can reach hundreds of millions worldwide

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 06. 27. 12:01

The latest tourist commercial promoting Budapest can reach hundreds of millions worldwide, and its effects can already be measured in the pre-booking data – said the CEO of the Hungarian Tourism Agency (MTÜ) in the current program of the M1 channel on Thursday morning.

According to László Könnyid, the video made with the participation of internationally renowned opinion makers can not only build tourism, but also the country’s image in the long term. The participants of the Budapest Influencer Trip from 14 countries have a total of 340 million followers, only the Americans have a community of around 75 million. “It would be a crime not to take advantage of such an opportunity,” he added, since they can replace the traditional purchase of media space.

According to the CEO of MTÜ, the campaign approach is also justified because special content was needed to address the target audience, those under 40. Films with the influencers were made for days at 47 locations in Budapest, a summary of this can be seen in the video published on social media. The booking data already shows that the initiative was useful, pre-bookings jumped within days, and even in distant, hard-to-reach countries, such as Canada or India, interest in the Hungarian capital has already grown perceptibly.

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