MTÜ: This is how Budapest conquers the world

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 06. 26. 11:38

The Hungarian Tourist Agency’s latest image film presenting Budapest, which was made in the framework of a three-day influenza media trip in the capital in May 2024, has been completed. During the series of events that provided the framework for the shooting, more than 2,000 posts were made on social media about the beauty and iconic sights of the Hungarian capital. International content producers with millions of followers shared their personal experiences of Budapest in more than 1,000 Instagram stories, 900 posts and more than 200 TikTok videos. Thanks to this special marketing activity, nearly 340 million users from 150 countries were able to get an idea of ​​the capital’s renewed tourist and culinary offer, unique locations and unforgettable program options. The finished image film can attract even more tourists to Budapest.

The Budapest Influencer Trip was realized as part of the spring international campaign of the Hungarian Tourist Agency. With this new type of marketing tool, also recognized in the industry, the express goal of the agency was to attract even more foreign guests from the 25-40 age group to the Hungarian capital. In accordance with international trends, opinion leaders have arrived in our country who have a large number of followers in the markets of the most important sending countries for Hungarian tourism, as well as in overseas countries with high growth potential. 50 globally significant influencers from 14 countries participated in the Budapest Influencer Trip.

And the results are already clearly visible, as thanks to MTÜ’s campaigns, the number of foreign tourists in Budapest increased by 20 percent, while in the three and a half weeks following the Budapest Influencer Trip, 54% more guest nights from the United States were registered compared to the same period last year. domestic accommodation providers in the National Tourist Information Center. In addition, outstanding growth can also be observed from the Gulf countries. There were 40% more bookings from the United Arab Emirates in the days following the event than at this time last year.

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