MPL – We don’t mind that it’s available, but we don’t necessarily choose it

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 05. 07. 11:36

As of March 28, 2024, online stores are obliged to make Magyar Posta’s delivery services (also) available to their customers. Based on an April survey by Reacty Digital, the public’s opinion of the government decree on this matter is rather neutral in terms of the average, and those who think the Posta is sympathetic also see the measure more positively. Some of the 18-79-year-olds even plan to order online more often or from several places, if MPL is available everywhere. GLS carries everything, but there is a general positive perception of parcel couriers.

GLS stands out among the package delivery service providers operating in Hungary in several ways. Almost all online customers (93%) know it at least by hearsay, and its popularity is also extremely high. Nine out of ten (87%) acquaintances find it (rather) likeable, so it is not surprising that the vast majority of them would recommend it to their friends. Most mail order service providers fit into the upper right quarter of the imaginary familiarity/favorability matrix, that is, many people have heard of them and consider them likeable. MPL is the second best-known (87%) service provider, although its popularity (67%) is somewhat lower than DPD, mentioned by fewer (73%), but liked by many (74%).

In terms of usage rates, GLS is also in the lead, based on their own declaration, four out of five (79%) online customers used their services in the past year, while MPL was used by two-thirds (66%) of online pharmacies. Foxpost (36%), DPD (34%), and Express One (32%) have delivered some order to roughly a third of online orders over the past year. Usage is of course not only influenced by personal preferences, as a given online store usually does not offer all service providers to its customers, so the place of order largely determines the identity of the courier.