Moody’s: Central and Eastern European economies start the year with a stable outlook

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 01. 09. 15:06

Central and Eastern European economies will begin the year 2024 with a stable sovereign creditworthiness outlook, according to Moody’s Investors Service’s comprehensive assessment of the regional situation presented in London on Tuesday.

According to the ten-page study of the international credit rating agency, the stable outlook is supported by the expected robust macroeconomic performance of the region, as well as the fact that the economies of the country group suffered only to a limited extent from the European energy supply crisis, and the strength of their public finances did not change either.

Moody’s registers Hungary with an investment-grade public debt rating of “Baa2” level, and this rating also has a stable outlook.

The economic and social effects resulting from the energy supply crisis – due to which Moody’s maintained a negative outlook on the region as a whole last year – were less severe than initially expected. The risk of natural gas supply shortages will continue to decrease in the coming years, given the high filling level of reservoirs, the expansion of supply sources, infrastructure investments and demand-side adjustments, the credit rating agency’s analysis states.

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