Magazine: The 3rd GREEN BRANDS Academy: What makes a brand green?

By: Tisza Andrea Date: 2019. 08. 20. 07:56

At the 3rd GREEN BRANDS Academy on 5 June the speakers agreed: ecological operations make a brand green, but it is also crucial to inform the public – in a smart and stylish way – about this.

András Wiszkidenszky
regional director of

András Wiszkidenszky, regional director of GREEN BRANDS spoke of three things in connection with brands: 1. a brand gives some kind of identity that one can relate to, 2. it substitutes the moral and spiritual beliefs that have been lost in the modern age, 3. a brand also means responsibility, because it has great power.

Kriszta Buza,
managing director of

Kriszta Buza, managing director of StyleCommunications talked about the psychology and brand communication that make a green brand stand out from the crowd. She warned that presenting the bleak future very directly to consumers doesn’t necessarily result in their consuming less or buying only responsible brands! Good green communication uses messages that make people act, thanks to which they feel less threatened by the future and become more hopeful.

Zsófia Lakatos, president of the Hungarian Public Relations Association stressed the importance of the ‘walk the talk’ approach in communicating responsible operations: don’t just speak, act! The message must be well-worded and the channel needs to be chosen well.

Nelli Kadlok

Two ROSSMANN Hungary brands – enerBio and Alterra – have granted the GREEN BRANDS trademark among the first in Hungary. PR manager Nelli Kadlok and one of the brand’s faces, television personality and businesswoman Judit Stahl shared their thoughts on the company’s communication practices and the products. Ms Kadlok told that ROSSMANN stores sell 866 organic foods, 385 natural cosmetics and 35 eco-products.

Judit Stahl
molecular biologist

Ms Stahl informed that she only gave her name to ROSSMANN’s private label natural cosmetics and organic foods after she had made sure they were of high quality. //

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