Every second coffee capsule is recycled: Hungarian Nespresso consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 06. 30. 11:42

Nespresso reported a spectacularly positive result regarding the collection of used coffee capsules: according to this, in the first half of 2023, the take-back rate in Hungary will be more than 50 percent, thus exceeding the global result. The brand recycles each returned coffee capsule – both the aluminum packaging and the coffee grounds – so that the components are fully returned to the cycle. For years, Nespresso has been drawing consumers’ attention to the fact that the collected capsules can be easily recycled with various exciting solutions: after separation, the coffee grounds can be used as valuable compost, and the aluminum can even be used as a designer watch.

Sustainability has been encoded in Nespresso’s DNA since the very beginning, which permeates the brand’s business activities at all levels. Throughout the entire value chain, carbon emissions are continuously reduced and sustainable practices are prioritized, whether it is coffee cultivation on coffee farms, the production of coffee capsules and coffee machines, logistics or recycling. They are constantly working on solutions that give their customers the opportunity to decide how they want to drink coffee in an environmentally conscious way – without compromising on quality, of course. An example of this is that paper-based capsules suitable for home composting are currently being tested in Switzerland and France.

In addition to innovative ideas, however, the recycling of aluminum capsules is also of prime importance in the life of the brand: Nespresso operates a capsule collection system in 70 countries worldwide, thanks to which both aluminum and coffee grounds can be fully recycled in cooperation with consumers.

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