One in three consumers regularly drinks decaffeinated coffee, according to an analysis

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 05. 26. 11:49

Last year, the value of the entire Hungarian coffee market exceeded HUF 77 billion, of which customers spent HUF 19 billion on capsule coffees, which is 9 percent more than a year earlier. The turnover of decaffeinated coffees was 2 percent in value and one percent in volume of the entire coffee market, yet it can be said that more than a third of coffee consumers consume decaffeinated coffee regularly.

According to a joint survey by Costa Coffee and gkid, based on the responses of around 3,300 coffee lovers in February this year, 34 percent of the respondents answered that they regularly drink decaffeinated coffee, most of them in the afternoon and evening, while 34 percent also stick to caffeinated coffee, they only drink it. .

A quarter of the consumers drink coffee once a day, while half of the respondents drink coffee several times a day, but there are only a few, three percent, who drink only decaffeinated. A higher proportion of them are women (4 percent), and it is also more popular among young people: 5 percent of 18-24-year-olds choose it only. There is also a high proportion of young people who prefer the taste of decaffeinated coffee to traditional coffee, and 14 percent of them drink it for this reason.

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