What to do if someone is unable to pay personal income tax

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2020. 05. 15. 11:18
May 20 is the deadline for reviewing, supplementing and correcting the draft personal income tax prepared by the tax authority.

One of the typical reasons for deviations from the return prepared by the tax authority is that the authority does not see the taxpayers’ income from capital income. “Normally, it’s not a problem to pay the tax, as taxpayers plan with it, creating the resource. But now, due to the pandemic situation, many may find that this year’s incomes, from which last year’s tax was planned to be paid, have not been collected, so they are unable to meet their tax obligations on time. There are several payment discounts available to them. ” – highlighted Jancsa-Pé Judit k, LeitnerLeitner’s senior consultant and partner.

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