Artificial Intelligence can revolutionize the world of energy drinks

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 07. 03. 12:12

The world’s first energy drink created entirely by A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) developed with HELL ENERGY. Every element of the new flavor, its strictly selected ingredients, design and marketing tools are also designed by A.I. designed it and tasted it.

The incredibly large amount of information and knowledge found on the world wide web is used by A.I. it can process and reveal connections at a speed that is almost incomprehensible to humans. He also has comprehensive knowledge about energy drinks – including their ingredients, sales results, health research, recommendations, consumer feedback – and can even incorporate the latest trends and information into his analyses.

When HELL ENERGY commissioned A.I to develop a new energy drink perfect for it, the artificial intelligence processed this enormous amount of information and created the recipe it considered the best. The A.I. it started not only from what people expect from an energy drink, but also had a priority goal of creating a better and tastier drink.

Thus, A.I., as the most intelligent entity in the world at the moment, put together the perfect recipe according to it. Among other things, it enriched its own energy drink with vitamins, amino acids and herbs, and ensured that food industry legislation, e.g. also on compliance and optimization of the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) recommendations, as well as the NRV (recommended daily intake).

The A.I. he created three flavor variations and digitalized them with the help of the technology of a New York company, i.e. he tasted all three of his drinks, then with predictive intelligence, after analyzing a lot of data and statistics, he chose which flavor was the runner-up. This is how the truly unique, refreshing, fruity flavor Tutti-frutti & Berry-blast was born. This is the first time in the world that artificial intelligence has carried out such a complex product development process in the energy drink sector.

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