Supermarkets shamed over F-word books

By: trademagazin Date: 2009. 02. 12. 08:22

Tesco and Asda were condemned for selling a string of books and CDs with the F-word in their titles. The items were available on their websites, where they were easily accessible to children.

 Asda quickly apologised when The Mail
on Sunday brought the books and CDs to its attention and promptly
removed them from its stock list. Tesco explained that its
technological filter system, designed to prevent any products with
offensive titles from appearing on its main site, had been faulty. It
has since been repaired, making the titles more difficult to view.
Both Tesco and Asda said they did not sell books with the F-word in
the titles in their supermarkets.

But MPs and campaigners are now
questioning whether a change in the law is necessary to prevent
unlimited access to such products.


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