ALDI’s first three discount gas stations were opened in Hungary

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2018. 05. 24. 11:29

From now, discounted automatic refueling stations await the customers in the parking facilities of ALDI’s three Hungarian stores.

ALDI’s discount fuel stations were opened in Budaörs, Szigetszentmiklós and Sopron. Customers can choose from two fuel types at four filling points at the petrol station: a high-quality gasoline certified according to MSZ EN 590 and gasoline 95 octane rating MSZ EN 228 in refillable self-service form.

The first three ALDI discount refueling stations are:

Sopron H-9400, Győri út 45.

Budaörs H-2040, Kandó Kálmán u. 2.

Szigetszentmiklós H-2310, Csepeli út 64.

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