Inspection of propagating material sales has begun: the authority visited the unloading fair in Lajosmizse

By: STA Date: 2024. 03. 13. 09:00

With the arrival of spring, the sale of grape and fruit propagating materials began, therefore Nébih, involving the employees of the county government offices, began inspections at markets and unloading fairs, the purpose of which is to detect the illegal trade in propagating materials, as well as to call for correct market behavior. This time, the experts of the authority carried out inspections at the National Animal and Exhibition Fair in Lajosmizse. Fewer and smaller deficiencies were discovered compared to the previous ones.

(Photo: Nébih)

During the inspection at the fair in Lajosmizse, the authority examined hundreds of fruit propagating materials and planting materials for ornamental plants. One seller was immediately suspended (his activity without a permit), and in another 5 cases, the sellers were warned by the authorities. Among the irregularities, the most common was marking with incomplete content. In one case, the specialists found seed potatoes and chives whose packaging and variety designation were completely missing, so they ordered an immediate ban on the sale, and the inspectors also initiated the imposition of a quality protection fine.

Based on experience, it can be said that deficiencies still occur in many cases, but at the same time they are of a smaller extent

As a result of the inspections of recent years, more and more producers and sellers recognize the importance and benefits of the rules, which is why the improving trend can be felt.

In the case of root-packaged materials (for which the root quality cannot be determined at the time of purchase), the office plans further more detailed tests, including cultivation. Nébih also draws the public’s attention to the fact that customer awareness plays a major role when purchasing propagating materials. Obtaining authentic information is primarily ensured by the label and its data content.

A correctly completed fruit propagating material label must include all of the following information

  • the name and plant health registration number of the producing nursery, • the inscription on the plant passport,
  • the category (Certified with a higher breeding grade – blue label, or symptom-free C.A.C can be lemon yellow),
  • the plant health status (virus-free, -tested, symptom-free),
  • serial number of the label, as well as
  • the flag of the European Union If the customer does not find such a label on the propagating material or the data content of the label is incomplete, he can rightly suspect illegal distribution.

We can all do our bit for the legal distribution of propagating materials. From the point of view of customers and plant health, it is worth buying propagating material only from a reliable place!


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