Lidl has reduced prices again – meat products will be cheaper

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 11. 24. 11:30

This time, Lidl Hungary is reducing the consumer price of meat products starting tomorrow, so the favorites of Hungarian customers, such as Parisian, ham, winter salami, lecsó sausage, and sizzling sausage, among others, will be cheaper. Customers can get the products affected by the price reduction significantly, up to 20 percent cheaper.

Since the beginning of January, Lidl has been continuously reducing consumer prices. As part of the price reduction program, the company has reduced the prices of more than 600 products so far. In recent weeks, the prices of fresh poultry and baked goods have decreased, but for many other popular and sought-after foods, you have to pay less compared to last year. The company’s goal is clear, stemming from lower purchase prices, to break down food inflation and provide its customers with the best possible prices. The supermarket chain’s results are also supported by the fact that Lidl’s Price Watch basket was the cheapest on average in October, based on the unit price of the products*.

“This year, we have already taken a number of measures that have contributed to reducing the expenses of the Hungarian people, and we continue to work to ensure that this represents a real price advantage for our customers by providing the best possible prices. As of tomorrow, we will implement a significant price reduction in meat products, in which all meat product categories are affected: cold meats and sausages, hams, hot dogs, sausages and salamis, as well as crackers will cost less. Some products can be purchased up to 20 percent cheaper, which can mean significant savings for families”

– pointed out Judit Tőzsér, head of corporate communications at Lidl Hungary.

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