Marcali’s spa hotel, which has been abandoned for eight years, could be built

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2021. 06. 24. 10:31
The government will contribute a total of 588 million HUF over three years to the construction of Marcali’s spa hotel, which was abandoned in 2013 – Móring József Attila (KDNP), the region’s parliamentary representative told with MTI on Thursday.

He said that the government’s decision will help make a 25-year-old dream come true in Marcali, by putting the city on the tourist map of Lake Balaton.

Project manager Both Péter told MTI that the hotel, which was 56 percent ready in 2013, is owned by the Marcali Szálloda Kft. After long negotiations and due diligence, the company to be implemented due to the accumulated debts was bought by Rahimkulov Ruszlan’s Megdetovics Greennovatív Energetikai Fejlesztő Kft. and its business partner, Zentai Péter’sPeter’s Consulting Kft. in a 50-50 percent ratio. (MTI)