The popularity of espresso at home is undeniable

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 01. 10. 11:44

Hungarians drink an average of two cups of coffee a day and their favorite is espresso, according to recent OMV research. Most people consume black locally and experience it as a kind of relaxation; and sustainability is an increasingly important factor when choosing. OMV VIVA presents Direct Trade certified coffee in its renewed range, which comes directly from the producer in El Salvador to the roasting plant near Milan.

Half of Hungarians drink two coffees a day, and a third of them prefer a hot drink even more: they consume three or more coffees, according to a recent national survey by OMV, which was completed by more than six thousand people. This year, as in previous years, espresso proved to be the most popular type of coffee: 56% of refillers typically choose this drink, followed by cappuccino (34%) and long coffee (19%). The majority (46%) drink coffee with milk, 19% black, 18% with cream, and the least with herbal drinks (7%). Half of the respondents sweeten their coffee with sugar: this is not unique to the age group over 65, only 17 percent of whom flavor their coffee in this way. A third of respondents consume it without sugar (29%), but even sweeteners are a popular choice (23%).

Almost all refillers drink coffee at home, but a third of them also drink at work and at filling stations. When they are on the road, three-quarters of them consume the refreshing drink locally if possible. It’s no wonder, since the respondents typically see coffee as a kind of “self-time”, speed is an important aspect for only one in ten people. When shopping, Hungarians typically ask for their usual, favorite coffee, and a third of them like to try new flavors. Arabica is a clear favorite: this is the most important aspect when choosing coffee.

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