Country passes have already changed travel habits

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 04. 12. 11:10

In March, passengers exchanged a record number of 932,000 national and county passes as well as day tickets, the MÁV-VOLÁN group told MTI.

They recalled that on the first of March, the most significant public transport tariff reform of the past decades was implemented together with the Ministry of Construction and Transport.

According to the announcement, around half a million monthly county and national passes have been steadily sold since last fall, but as a result of the modernized tariff system, ticket and pass sales increased by 33 percent in March compared to February. In the first seven days of March and April, 60-80 thousand more county and national passes were sold than in the first week of February, they added.

Based on the experiences of the first month of the tariff system, the novelties also affect travel habits: 162,000 more people chose InterCity in March compared to January, and 152,000 more compared to February, they wrote. They pointed out that families can save up to HUF 10,000 from month to month thanks to the favorable pricing of the new tariff system.

Of the two types of passes remaining in the new system, i.e. county and national passes, passengers have already exchanged about 1.2 million from March 1 to April 7, two-thirds of which are still county passes. More than 6.1 million of county and national passes have been sold since their introduction last May, they added.

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