In March, the GKI economic index rose by 3 points

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 03. 25. 12:02

According to a survey conducted by the GKI Gazdaságkutató – with the support of the EU – in March, the business world and the population reported slightly more favorable prospects than they did in February. Thus, the economic index of GKI was able to rise by 3 points. The employment intentions of the companies did not change significantly, and their price increase plans eased somewhat. The predictability of the business environment did not change compared to the previous month.

The GKI economic index, which is a summary indicator of corporate and residential prospects, increased by 3 points in March after a 3-point drop in February – i.e. its value essentially returned to the level at the beginning of the year. Consumers and the business world contributed equally to the improvement in the current month: the GKI business and consumer confidence index gained 3 points each. In March, there was a noticeably favorable change in the industry and the construction industry (6 and 2 point increases, respectively), in the case of business service providers, the picture did not change, while trade deteriorated slightly (a 2 point drop). In industry, the assessment of the entire order book reflects significantly greater satisfaction than in February, and the expected production outlook for the next three months has also improved significantly. At the same time, the level of self-produced stocks essentially did not change. In the construction industry, the assessment of the order book improved noticeably, but employment expectations became more cautious. In trade, satisfaction with the business performance of the previous three months deteriorated slightly, and stocks swelled, but the evaluation of orders expected in the next three months became more favorable. In the service sector, the assessment of the business performance of the previous three months improved significantly, but the turnover expectation for the next three months and the employment plans deteriorated slightly.