Magazine: The 15th of March from a different perspective

By: Dr. Köves András Date: 2021. 03. 25. 07:09

A national holiday spent in a lockdown. But the pandemic is just the tip of the iceberg: it is the effect, not the cause. Plus it very much seems that national-level solutions aren’t effective against a virus that knows no borders. I think that the different countries should realise that the coronavirus pandemic is the result of a general environmental catastrophe.

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Köves András-NT

Guest author:
Dr. András Köves
business development director

Yes, I must admit that good decisions are also made in the battle against the virus. A better president has been elected in the USA and EU member states are joining forces to launch a Marshall Plan 2.0. What is more, a process of regulating global tech giants has also started. Humanity needs to grow up and the first phase of this is understanding our limitations.

We must feed nearly 8 billion human beings on the planet – which will soon be 11 billion…The bad news is that with this many people planet Earth will be full, so the next step forward can only be colonising Mars. All in all, every cloud has a silver lining! We will travel and consume less in the future, for instance travelling by Bundesbahn instead of Lufthansa as they plan it in Germany. Perhaps one day we will even be discussing these matters in greater detail…in person, not online! //