Nearly 100 groceries have entered the Budapest Nagybani Piac program already

By: trademagazin Date: 2015. 11. 11. 11:45

In September 2015 the Budapest Wholesale Market (Budapest Nagybani Piac) has launched a program called “Fresh from the Nagybani”. The program emphasizes those fruit and vegetable specialist shops that buys their goods at the in Budapest Wholesale Market, which is the latest source. During one month nearly 100 fruit and vegetable specialist shop in Budapest has joined the “Fresh from the Wholesale”. program.


The participation in the program has the following advantages for greengrocers:

– These retailers will be indicated on the website’s Retail Map of the Nagybani, so the customers can find them more easily:

– A sticker will be placed out to the front of the store with the program's slogan: “Fresh from the Wholesale”, which displays that there are always fresh goods in this store.

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