450 tons of food for the needy already

By: trademagazin Date: 2015. 07. 30. 11:20

Tesco pays special attention to reduce food waste. Tesco as the Platinum Sponsor of the Hungarian Food Bank Association, contributed to the food supply of the needy families with a daily more than 60 tons of mixed food and pastries just in the past month. Since the launch of the program in 2014 the Tesco contributed with more than 270 tons of food products in a value of more than 100 million HUF.


“Tesco began the common thinking with the Food Bank almost 10 years ago, on how to responsibly use the resulting food surplus of the stores. We appreciate the work of the organization and we try to support its two main goals more effectively: to reduce food waste and the elimination of hunger. We are proud that our employees and experts of the Food Bank persistently and enthusiastically working together for common goals”- Magyar Henrietta, Governmental and Community Relations Manager of the Tesco-Global Áruházak Zrt. told.

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