Hungary subjects Ukrainian grain to strict inspection

By: STA Date: 2023. 02. 15. 09:30

The food chain safety control of agricultural products coming from Ukraine is ongoing, so far 156 food industry enterprises have been inspected, said Minister of Agriculture István Nagy.

(Photo: Pixabay)

The head of the ministry emphasized that, in the case of grains coming from Ukraine to Hungary, strict controls are necessary in order to protect the interests of Hungarian farmers. He added that Brussels continues to idly watch as Ukrainian grain destined for North Africa and the Middle East on the Solidarity Corridor gets stuck in Europe, causing serious market disturbances. Ukrainian farmers produce this grain with low production costs and production practices not used in the European Union, so it comes to our region at depressed prices. Precisely for this reason, Ukrainian grain is subject to strict quality and food chain safety control in Hungary – stressed István Nagy.

The situation is causing problems for all the neighboring countries

The minister reminded that Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Bulgaria had already turned to the European Commission to do something to curb grain imports from Ukraine, but since then the Commission has not proposed any concrete measures to deal with the situation. Brussels does not stand up for Hungarian and Central European farmers, and does not provide assistance that would protect otherwise helpless Hungarian, Romanian, Polish or Bulgarian producers. The European Commission would make the Central European farmers pay the price of Ukraine’s grain exports instead of the uniform member states. He explained that honey and poultry meat coming from Ukraine at depressed prices are also pushing Hungarian products out of our traditional export markets. He added that Hungary, together with several other member states, is urging in Brussels that a clear indication of origin be placed on the packaging of honey products. In Europe, extremely cheap honey products from third countries have flooded the market, displacing high-quality Hungarian honey.

István Nagy said that the inspections coordinated by the National Food Chain Safety Office are ongoing

Hungarian enterprises using Ukrainian grain have a direct legal basic responsibility to use only raw materials that comply with EU and domestic regulations. This is also being investigated by the food chain safety authority. The head of the ministry stated that, as before, our country will continue to provide all help and support to ensure that the Solidarity Corridor functions properly and that Ukrainian grain reaches third countries and the Middle East, but it will protect the interests of Hungarian farmers.


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