Hungarian lambs are placed on Italian Easter tables

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 03. 25. 11:46

Former head of state János Áder and Italian restaurant owner Gianni Annoni spoke about Italian Easter traditions and sustainability in the latest broadcast of his Blue Planet podcast, published on Monday.

When asked how important Easter is to Italians, Gianni Annoni emphasized that “for us Christians” Easter is our most important holiday, since “every miracle promised by God meets here”.

Among the foods eaten in Italy at Easter, Gianni Annoni singled out lamb, which is brought to Italy in the largest quantity from Hungary. He added that eggs are also important, which are also used to decorate savory cakes mainly in southern Italy, as well as spring vegetables and Easter desserts.

Regarding the question about his favorite Easter food, Gianni Annoni explained that he is an omnivore and “honors everything”, and that, in his opinion, this is a message for sustainability and real change. He believed that the big problem now is that people have become comfortable, they only eat chicken breast, if they eat fish, then salmon, they start to forget offal, strange tastes, strange textures, while “eating everything” would be the key to sustainability.

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