Magazine: Room at the top

By: Trademagazin Date: 2017. 05. 29. 07:46

Király 100 Gastro Corner, the restaurant run by the Radvánszkis – Attila and Éva – has been a successful business for 23 years, combining fine dining with home-style cooking. The owners have decided to open a new place in the Hold Street Market Hall.

With its ‘marketplace gourmet’ strategy, the hall serves as the second line of Budapest’s luxury restaurants. This is the place where top chefs cook simpler dishes, testing ingredients and new ideas. Just some of the big names who work here: Lajos Bíró, Szasa, Tamás Széll.

The new place of the Radvánszkis is called Haxen Piac. Attila told that the name indicates that pork knuckle will be in the centre of attention. He added that the Market Hall is at a very good location, it is cheaper than traditional restaurants, there is a large selection of dishes and guests can sit down.

Hely a teton

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