Magazine: Personal Marketing – build and sell yourself!

By: trademagazin Date: 2012. 01. 12. 11:53

There are many well-trained and experienced marketing experts on the labour market. What can we do to increase our own value and better our position? The labour market works the same way as other competitive sectors. Personal marketing is a concept that was conceived to help job seekers meet employer demand better. One’s personality has to be marketable and can be developed just like a brand or a service. Rule number one is honesty: everyone makes mistakes, so someone who wants to appear faultless tries to deceive others. A healthy degree of confidence also helps to achieve our goals. You are the brand! Sell yourself! For this you have to accept who you are – of course one also has to be aware of the skills they have to work on. One who wants to please everyone will sooner or later realise that it is impossible. Coaching, if it is done well, can help you get a clear and realistic picture of yourself. Personal marketing is more than just emphasising your positive attributes. If we know ourselves well enough, we can establish and sell our own BRAND set of values. Good examples help us believe that we are able to do it, strengthening our dedication and perseverance in the difficult domain of labour force marketing. Passion is also an important element of success: we can be the most successful in things that we are good at and like to do. So dear readers, I encourage you to build yourselves like a brand and sell the product on the labour market at a good price!

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