The GVH took action: a competition supervision procedure is launched against Temu

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 03. 13. 11:40

The Economic Competition Authority (GVH) is launching a competition supervision procedure against the European operator of the Temu online marketplace, Whaleco Technology Limited. In recent weeks, GVH has received several notifications regarding the platform’s intensive trading practices. GVH investigators evaluated the contents of the submissions, collected information, and based on this, the national competition authority is launching a competition supervision procedure, because the company operating Temut is believed to be engaging in unfair trade practices and deceiving consumers.

The Economic Competition Authority announced on February 27, 2024 that several notification procedures are underway regarding the commercial practices of the Chinese online marketplace Temu.

Based on the available information and data, Whaleco Technology Limited, registered in Ireland, probably engages in price display and promotion practices on the website it operates and the Temu mobile application, which may be capable of deceiving consumers. In the case of the products it sells, the company communicates discounts of “up to 95%” (or higher) on certain product categories, but such a discount cannot be found among the results by clicking on the category.