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By: trademagazin Date: 2008. 11. 16. 08:00

Over 30 years of experience is reflected in the brand policy pursued by SIÓ-ECKES Kft., the market leader in fruit juice. SIÓ is the best known fruit juice brand, with the widest product range in the market, which includes 5 sub-brands (SIÓ Prémium, SIÓ Classic, SIÓ fresh&fruit, SIÓ VitaTigris, SIÓ Könnyű és Zamatos Update1) and 40 flavours. One of the most popular premium products in the market is Hohes C, a fruit juice with 100% fruit content. Innovation in recent years has been aimed at developing multivitamin flavours like C Red Multivitamin and Hohes C Mild Multivitamin. The SIÓ Prémium product line is composed of 9 juices and nectars with high fruit content. SIÓ fresh&fruit has been successful in the fruit drink category for two years. 100,000 people participated in its integrated communication campaign this year. New packaging was introduced this year for the SIÓ VitaTigris product line. SIÓ VitaTigris fruit puree allows children to discover that healthy things can also be delicious. It is sold in packs of four which can also serve as toys. POS tools have been developed for retailers which allow this new product category to be presented in a very attractive way. The SIÓ Könnyű és Zamatos product line has also been renewed this year, with major changes in terms of ingredients. It has also been included in the Update program. SIÓ-ECKES Kft is the Hungarian subsidiary of Eckes-Granini Group, the largest producer of fruit juice in Europe. Local corporate cultures of the subsidiaries are traditionally respected in the group. Under the leadership of Endre Fazekas, SIÓ-ECKES Kft has seen unbroken growth for the past ten years, building one of the widest assortments of alcohol-free beverages. Relying on a Hungarian corporate culture and mentality, it is a priority for SIÓ-ECKES Kft to use Hungarian materials, labour and production facilities. We also participate actively in charity work, with our „Köszönjük, SIÓ!” program providing schoolbags for 1,200 children. SIÓ-ECKES has entered into a number of strategic agreements on distribution since 2006, with partners like Szentkirályi and Büki Üdítő Kft, the distributor of Bomba! energy drinks. These two partnerships are based on the same concept and have resulted in benefits for consumers as well, apart from a substantial improvement in the efficiency of operation for the participating partners. Such co-operation based on synergies allows SIÓ-ECKES, Szentkirályi and Büki Üdítő Kft to compete successfully with multinational companies.

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