At least the agriculture and food industry are looking for workers

By: trademagazin Date: 2010. 04. 28. 00:01

According to the datas of the job portal; in 2009, the number of those who were looking for jobs increased by 4.5 percent, while 28 percent less jobs were advertised, than a year earlier.

In recent year, the largest increase occured in the area of insurance (76 percent), while the largest decrease occured in the job adverts for the agriculture and the food industry (65 percent). The number of those who are intending to find jobs in the service area, increased by 19 percent, but the number of jobs decreased by 26 percent. 11 percent more people were looking for a job in 2009, in the area of catering and tourism, but the number of jobs advertised decreased by 43.5 percent – reports Szabad Föld Online.

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