New Haribo Bitter Lemon & Friends available for a limited time in Austria

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2024. 05. 21. 09:58

Haribo launches a new product in Austria inspired by the world of beverages.

The now 104-year-old Bonn-based confectionery manufacturer offers more than 200 different varieties – and now the portfolio is expanding with a new addition, even if only for a limited time.

Alongside the iconic Happy Cola, now 50 years old, and the cult Almdudler, which has been on store shelves since 2020, Haribo is now launching two brand new limited edition beverage-inspired gumdrops. While the sweet drinks that inspired Happy Lemonade and Bitter Lemon & Friends are not really thirst quenchers, the Happy Lemonade flavour ingredients of lemon and garden mint, raspberry and elderflower, cucumber and lime are certainly refreshing.

Bitter Lemon & Friends is also Haribo’s first bitter fruit gummi on the market. Available in three flavours, the limited edition Bitter Wildberry, Bitter Orange and Bitter Lemon offer consumers a completely new taste experience.

The products are available in 160g, 175g and 200g sachets in stores.

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