Help for hospital staff

By: Gyarmati Orsolya Date: 2020. 04. 14. 08:10

Aldi Süd has opened a mini-branch on the grounds of the Frankfurt University Clinic, which is intended to cater exclusively for employees of the hospital. The discounter offers a lot more than toilet paper and dairy products.

Aldi Süd wants to support employees of the Frankfurt university hospital with a special branch. A special mini-market, which was launched last week, will supply about 6,000 employees with products for their daily needs. A former cafeteria was converted into a shop with about 500 square meters of sales area.

The retailer offers around 900 products. In addition to toilet paper, and dairy products, the range includes chilled snacks. The location will be supplied once a day from the logistics centre of the Aldi Süd regional company in Mörfelden.


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