REWE Bio + Vegan Range Switching To Climate Neutrality

By: Gyarmati Orsolya Date: 2021. 09. 17. 08:50

Germany’s REWE has announced that its REWE Bio + vegan range is transitioning to climate neutrality, in a move which the company believes demonstrates that quality organic plant-based products are good for animal welfare, nature, and the climate.

The CO2 footprint of vegan products are often lower in raw material production stage compared to animal products.

REWE has offset the remaining emissions on an annual basis, which arise during the manufacturing of the vegan range.

The compensation flows into a climate and forest protection project in Peru, that is certified according to the Verified Carbon Standard Climate, Community & Biodiversity.

In addition, the German chain is planting around 32,600 trees near Cologne in order to reduce the impact on the climate.


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