European Private Label Awards 2024 – Winners Announced

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2024. 03. 27. 09:17

Retailers from Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Belgium, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Central and Eastern Europe have been named amongst the winners in the 2024 European Private Label Awards, organised by ESM: European Supermarket Magazine.

A total of 68 product innovations were whittled down to a total of 21 winners – across 17 core categories as well as four ‘Best of the Best’ categories. This year’s winners included Aldi, Lidl, Billa CEE, Marks & Spencer, Colruyt, Coop Norge, Crai Secom, REMA 1000, Müller, Lekkerland, Kesko and Desarrollo de Marcas/Euromadi.

Italian retailer Crai Secom took home more awards (4) than any other, coming out on top in Confectionery, Meal Accompaniments and Meat & Seafood, as well as winning the Taste Excellence Award for its Le Alici Del Mar Cantabrico anchovies. Denmark’s REMA 1000 won two awards, while Aldi Nord Germany also scooped two awards.

The European Private Label Awards were launched by ESM: European Supermarket Magazine in 2017, to determine the most impactful and innovative private-label brands on sale in Europe’s supermarkets. The Awards, which are open to both retailers and suppliers, acknowledge the best of store brand development on a pan-European level.

The judging process for the Awards took place in Dublin, Ireland, with a panel of retail and culinary experts assessing each of the products in terms of three key criteria – Taste, Innovation and Presentation, as well as other considerations, such as the sustainability credentials of each product.



Product: Lidl Deluxe Pearls with White Balsamic Condiment and Truffle Flavour
Retailer: Lidl France
Manufacturer: GlobeXplore

This innovative product from Lidl France, winner of the Ambient Grocery award, combines the flavours of white balsamic condiment and truffle. The thin-skinned pearls, made from alginate and calcium chloride burst with flavour, enhancing dishes like foie gras, salads, and fish. The judges said that this product demonstrated ‘real innovation’, with a ‘surprising’ and ‘delicious’ product proposition. It helps to ‘premiumise’ at-home dining, while the use of alginate, generated from seaweed, was a ‘novel concept’. As one judge put it, this deserves a ‘star prize’.


Product: REMA 1000 Luxury Mulled Red Wine
Retailer: REMA 1000 Denmark
Manufacturer: Smage-Compagniet

REMA 1000’s Luxury Mulled Red Wine, winner of the Beverages (Alcoholic) category, includes cherries, oranges, blackcurrants, blackberries, and Christmas spices, with a hint of Jamaican rum. The retailer describes it as being part of ‘a cherished tradition for a Danish Christmas’. The judges praised the ‘distinctive’ and ‘innovative’ taste profile of this product, with one describing it as ‘Christmas in a glass’.


Product: Ørskov Pure Ingrid Marie Apple Juice
Retailer: REMA 1000 Denmark
Manufacturer: Ørskov Foods A/S

Ørskov Pure Apple Juice from REMA 1000 is a range of pure apple juices made from apples that would otherwise be discarded. The selection of apples varies depending on the season, with the Ingrid Marie variety currently being highlighted. The retailer describes the product, winner of the Beverages (Non-Alcoholic) category, as having a “fresh and robust flavour.” The judges loved the ‘sustainability aspect’ of this product, as well as the seasonal concept, also noting its ‘sweet taste’ and ‘authentic flavour’. The fact it was packed in a glass bottle added extra ‘authenticity’, they added.


Product: Billa Premium Fruit Spread Seville Orange
Retailer: Billa CEE
Manufacturer: Andros Austria GmbH

Billa Premium Fruit Spread Seville Orange, winner of the Breakfast Products category, features a distinctive sweet-tart flavour. It is crafted from high-quality Seville oranges without any artificial additives or preservatives. Each jar contains 75g of fruit per 100g. The judges praised the ‘stylish design and photography’ used on the packaging, and well as the ‘effective use of storytelling’ to enhance the provenance of the product. They also praised the ‘delicious, tangy flavour’ and high fruit content.


Product: Il Panettone di Alta Pasticceria
Retailer: Crai Secom
Manufacturer: La Rosa Dei Gusti

Il Panettone di Alta Pasticceria, developed by Crai Secom in association with Michelin-starred chef Gian Piero Vivalda, is described as an ‘artisanal delight’. Crafted with butter and live sourdough, it features candied orange peel and sultanas soaked in Moscato d’Asti, and it is packaged in an elegant tin box. The judges hailed the ‘limited edition’ nature of this product, as well as the fact that the retailer teamed up with a noted chef as part of its development. The ‘beautiful’ packaging and ‘amazing’ flavour makes this a ‘star product’.


Product: Coop Dagens Cauliflower Soup
Retailer: Coop Norge
Manufacturer: Matpartner AS

Coop Dagens Cauliflower Soup, recipient of the Convenience Foods/Food To Go category award, offers a convenient meal solution. Designed for easy heating, it delivers a hearty, organic flavour, catering to families in search of a convenient and satisfying dining option. The judges described this product as ‘delicious’, with a ‘great texture’, while the pouch packaging is ‘innovative’ and ‘different’ to other products in its category. ‘An excellent soup!’ as one judge put it.


Product: En bid af Danmark (A Taste of Denmark) Tange Lake Cheese
Retailer: Lidl Denmark
Manufacturer: Mammen Mejeri

Lidl Denmark’s En bid af Danmark Tange Lake Cheese, winner in the Dairy Products category, was created in collaboration with Mammen Mejeri, a company with a long-standing tradition in Danish dairy craftsmanship since 1911. The retailer describes its flavour as rich, achieving a harmonious balance between sweetness, umami, and intense strength. The judges described it as the ‘best tasting cheese’ in a ‘competitive’ category, which conveys ‘Danish heritage’ and a ‘premium’ positioning.


Product: Alteza Gluten-Free Cereal Pillows
Retailer: Desarrollo de Marcas
Manufacturer: Harinas de Castilla La Mancha, S.L.

Alteza Gluten-Free Cereal Pillows from Desarrollo de Marcas, winner of the Free-From Foods category, offer a nutritious breakfast option tailored for children with dietary intolerances. Crafted from rice and corn flour with a hazelnut-cocoa filling, they are fortified with eight essential vitamins and iron. The judges described this as a ‘really good product’, with a ‘tempting’ taste profile and ‘appealing’ texture. It was described as a ‘great alternative’ for those with dietary sensitivities.


Product: Gelatelli Smoothie Stick Mango and Raspberry-Blackberry
Retailer: Lidl Finland
Manufacturer: Balbiino

Lidl Finland’s Gelatelli Smoothie Stick Mango and Raspberry-Blackberry, winner in the Frozen Food category, presents a distinctive combination of mango, raspberry, and blackberry flavours, containing 40% real berries and fruit. This vegan option, with no fat content, proudly bears the Finnish Heart Label, recognising its heart-healthy qualities. The judges praised the ‘high fruit ­­content’ of this ice cream, as well as the ‘great’ and refreshing’ taste. ‘A real added-value product’, is how one judge described it.


Product: Il Riso Carnaroli Classico Invecchiato
Retailer: Crai Secom
Manufacturer: La Rosa Dei Gusti

The Il Riso Carnaroli Classico Invecchiato from Crai Secom, honored in the Meal Accompaniments category, is a classic Carnaroli rice, renowned for its superfine quality and status as one of the finest varieties of Japonica rice. Harvested at optimal ripeness, it undergoes a traditional 12-month stone refinement process, enhancing its culinary characteristics. The judges noted the ‘fabulous packaging’ of this product a tin case, which featured the ‘story behind the product’. The product itself stood out for its ‘authentic’ texture and flavours.”.


Product:Le Alici Del Mar Cantabrico Marinate All’aceto Di Vermouth (Cantabrian Sea Anchovies Marinated In Vermouth Vinegar)
Retailer: Crai Secom
Manufacturer: La Rosa dei Gusti

Crai Secom’s Le Alici Del Mar Cantabrico Marinate All’aceto Di Vermouth anchovies, winner in the Meat & Seafood category, are prized for their meaty, flavourful flesh. They are marinated in extra-virgin olive oil and lemon with vermouth vinegar. The judges praised the ‘fabulous taste’ and ‘stylish packaging’ of this product, which boasts ‘exceptional’ quality and a lovely ‘texture’. They also noted that the packaging ‘tells a story’, reinforcing its ‘premium’ positioning.


Termék: Boni ECO általános tisztítószer utántöltő 2x koncentrátum
Kiskereskedő: Colruyt
Gyártó: Nopa Nordic A/S

A Nopa Nordic által gyártott Colruyt Boni ECO általános tisztítószer a költségmegtakarítás és a környezetvédelem jegyében újratölthető. Természetes összetevőket, valamint zöld tea és bergamott illatanyagot tartalmaz, amivel elnyerte a Non-Food (háztartási) kategória fődíját. Mind a 100%-ban újrahasznosított flakonon, mind az utántöltőn megtalálható az EU Ecolabel. A zsűri szerint az utántöltő koncepció „különösen innovatív” és „fenntartható”, a termék pedig „vonzó” illatú és hatékony.


Product: echt. by Terra Naturi Anti-Age Straffende Tagescreme
Retailer: Müller
Manufacturer: Femia Cosmetic Vertriebsgesellschaft GmbH

echt. by Terra Naturi Anti-Ageing Firming Day Cream from Müller, winner in the Non-Food (Personal Care) category, tightens and protects the skin using bakuchiol, hyaluronic acid, and grape seed oil. Its plant-based ingredients, such as olive oil, provide softness, while hyaluronic acid helps retain moisture, reducing fine lines. The judges hailed the ‘beautiful’ and ‘premium’ packaging of this product – particularly the wooden lid – while the texture of the cream itself was ‘so smooth’ and ‘absorbs well’.


Product: Trader Joe’s Nuss-Mix Simply Roasted
Retailer: Aldi Nord Germany
Manufacturer: Märsch Importhandels GmbH

Trader Joe’s Nuss-Mix Simply Roasted from Aldi Nord, winner in the Snacking Products category, consists of blanched hazelnuts, cashews, almonds, and pecans, providing a wholesome and nutrient-dense snack option. These nuts are gently dry-roasted to enhance their natural flavours without the addition of fats or salts. The judges praised the ‘delicious taste’ and ‘great flavour profile’ of this ‘innovative’ nut mix, while the resealable aspect of the packaging and Nutri Score rating of ‘A’ were also noted.


Product: Taggiasca Black-Olive Pâté – ALDI Regione che Vai
Retailer: ALDI S.r.l. (Aldi Italia)
Manufacturer: Frantoio Venturino

Taggiasca Black-Olive Pâté, which forms part of Aldi Italia’s Regione che Vai range, boasts an intense olive fragrance and the characteristic bittersweet taste of the Taggiasca olive plant variety. Ideal for bruschettas, dressings and sandwiches.
The judges praised the ‘provenance’ of this product, as well as its ‘delicious’ taste and texture, with its ‘authentic, natural’ flavour shining through.


Product: M&S Sustainable One-Cup Coffee Filters
Retailer: Marks & Spencer
Manufacturer: Rombouts Coffee

M&S Sustainable One-Cup Coffee Filters, created for Marks & Spencer by Rombouts Coffee, provide a sustainable and convenient option for enjoying filter coffee. Each cup contains two layers of filter paper with between 6.2 and 7 grams of ground roasted coffee at the base. Crafted from sugar cane residual fibres, these filters prioritise eco-friendliness and are TÜV Austria-certified as 100% home compostable. The judges praised this product as being ‘very innovative’ and a ‘great idea’ for consumers on the move.


Product: Sweetland Vegan Fruit Gums
Retailer: Aldi Nord Germany
Manufacturer: Vidal

Aldi’s Sweetland Vegan Fruit Gums feature vegan marshmallows and fruit gums, targeting the rising demand for vegan-friendly confectionery. The resealable packaging enhances convenience and freshness at an affordable price of €1.29. The judges said that these products were a ‘fantastic’ vegan alternative, with the marshmallows being ‘particularly tasty’. There’s ‘no compromise on taste’, one judge noted, with the resealable packaging also a highlight.


Product: Lidl Deluxe Pearls with White Balsamic Condiment and Truffle Flavour
Retailer: Lidl France
Manufacturer: GlobeXplore
Category: Ambient Grocery

This new product from Lidl France, which blends white balsamic condiment with truffle was a hit with the judges, with several noting that they hadn’t seen a product like this available in grocery retail before – particularly in the discount channel – adding that it provides a touch of luxury to meals prepared at home.


Product: Take Off Creatures Space Cat
Retailer: Lekkerland
Manufacturer: Food IQ GmbH
Category: Beverages (Non-Alcoholic)

Take Off Creatures Space Cat, from Lekkerland, is an energy drink featuring berry and marshmallow flavours. Aimed at ‘gamers, cosplayers, and influencers,’ it features an augmented-reality app, for an interactive experience. The judges said that the ‘eye-catching’ design is ‘instantly Instagrammable’, while the interactive elements add an ‘extra dimension’ to what is already a creative product.


Product: Le Alici Del Mar Cantabrico Marinate All’aceto Di Vermouth (Cantabrian Sea Anchovies Marinated In Vermouth Vinegar)
Retailer: Crai Secom
Manufacturer: La Rosa Dei Gusti
Category: Meat & Seafood

The Le Alici Del Mar Cantabrico Marinate All’aceto Di Vermouth anchovies are renowned for their succulent, flavourful flesh, presenting a sophisticated, spicy taste profile with a pinkish hue. Judges commended the product for its “fabulous taste”, praising its “exceptional” quality and pleasing “texture.” They observed that the packaging effectively conveys a narrative, enhancing its “premium” positioning.


Product: Pirkka Finnish Kaffe Growing Soil
Retailer: Kesko Finland
Manufacturer: Berner Oy
Category: Non-Food (Household)

Every year, millions of cups of coffee are consumed at Kesko’s service stations, resulting in a significant accumulation of coffee grounds. To address this, in spring 2023, Kesko’s Pirkka brand introduced a new growing soil SKU made from recycled coffee grounds collected from the retailer’s outlets. Each five-litre bag of contains grounds from the equivalent of 70 cups of coffee sold. The judges said that this product was ‘innovative’ and promoted a ‘circular economy’, making it ‘very sustainable’.

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