The promotion of domestic agricultural products is of prime importance

By: STA Date: 2022. 12. 08. 10:10

The system of protected names is the key tool within the framework of the Common Agricultural Policy (KAP) with which agricultural products with registered geographical indications can be legally protected and promoted – said Tamás Tarpataki, the Deputy Secretary of State responsible for agricultural markets at the Ministry of Agriculture, on the Day of the Producer Communities on Thursday.

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In his welcoming speech, the deputy state secretary emphasized that the use of geographical indications provides an opportunity to differentiate, protect and promote domestic agricultural products on EU and third country markets. He added: the recent adoption of the Strategic Plan of the Common Agricultural Policy ensures that more than HUF 5,300 billion are available for agriculture between 2023-2027. With expanding opportunities, the support of the producer communities also appears prominently in this.

The department is moving in this direction

He stated that it is the objective of the Ministry of Agriculture that producer communities in the field of agriculture submit applications for protection for more and more products with geographical indications, take advantage of the opportunities provided by protection and enjoy their benefits. Within the framework of the Geographical Product Indicators Program, the Ministry of Agriculture provides active professional assistance to producer groups to prepare their product descriptions and submit their applications. As a result of the Geographical Indications Program, the number of Hungarian agricultural products with geographical indications under EU protection increased to 81 this year, most recently the “Derecske apple” and the “Nagykörűi crispy cherry” received EU recognition. Another 11 agricultural products, among them “Szabolcsi apple”, “Lajta cheese” and “Borzag pálinka”, are in the process of protection and enjoy temporary national protection until it is completed.

The Ministry of Agriculture, within the framework of the Traditions-Flavours-Regions (HÍR) program, has been running a tender system since 2010 to obtain the right to use the HÍR trademark. You can participate in the competition with traditional and regional products. In the 20th anniversary year of the registration of the HÍR trademark, 22 products of 13 applicants won the right to use the HÍR trademark, and together with them, the number of HÍR trademarked products increased to 211.

The deputy state secretary reminded that on December 7, the Parliament adopted the bill on the protection of origin of agricultural products, which creates an appropriate legal environment for the producer communities, so that they can make better use of the benefits arising from the protection of geographical indications.


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