We pay special attention to the poultry sector

By: STA Date: 2023. 10. 13. 10:30

There are currently 550 commodity-producing farms in Hungary producing eggs, which in 2022 will have produced around 2.4 billion eggs – this is how Minister of Agriculture István Nagy summarized the data of domestic poultry farms at a professional conference organized on the occasion of World Egg Day on Friday in Budaörs.

(Photo: AM/Tibor Vermes)

The head of the ministry emphasized that nowadays we have to face the fact that people living today do not accept large-scale animal husbandry, in connection with which there has been such a pseudo-romanticism that it is very difficult to overcome. However, it can be demonstrated with scientific research that a high degree of comfort can be provided with animal welfare. He added that for this very reason, a united response to the problem must be given from the side of science, breeding and feeding, as people cannot be deprived of the highest quality protein. István Nagy highlighted that it is a significant step forward from the point of view of food safety that consumers can now choose domestically produced goods based on the clearly visible designation of origin indicating Hungarian origin. A short supply chain is in the interest of all of us, as it results in safe and sustainable supply.

The minister reminded that the agricultural administration has continuously supported the development of the sector and the preservation of its competitiveness in the recent period

That is why, as part of the Rural Development Program, we provided support for 596 site development projects of the entire poultry sector, worth more than HUF 189 billion. He added that in the Rural Development Program, we also help the players of the sector against animal diseases with two types of animal welfare support programs. The head of the ministry emphasized that animal welfare support for hen flocks that produce edible eggs remains an important form of support for the egg sector, which is included as a priority in the KAP Strategic Plan until 2027. He added that it is worthwhile to improve the well-being of the poultry flocks with toxin-free feed for food laying hens and breeding poultry flocks. That is why a total of almost 600 poultry farmers received HUF 13 billion in subsidies, the minister explained.

István Nagy also drew attention to the fact that applications can still be submitted for the 2023 subsidy period, although the deadline is very close, October 15

In addition, there will be investment, epidemic prevention, gene preservation and animal welfare subsidies. In order to achieve these goals, EUR 1.26 billion will be available from the KAP Strategic Plan for the development of agricultural farms, and EUR 20 million for investments supporting epidemic prevention elements, the minister informed.


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